Melbourne Based Mastering Studio With Fast Turnaround

Mastering Studio, Melbourne

Choosing the right mastering studio for your single, EP or album is important. Because mastering is the final step in your project before releasing your music to the world, a mastering studio must have very good acoustics and monitoring to ensure accurate translation to the outside world.

Simon’s mastering studio is a Westlake designed control room, with a very even balance, and lots of bass trapping. This means the frequencies in the room are equal volume.

The monitoring in Simon’s mastering studio includes Grover Notting® Code 101 Mastering Series monitors for superior accuracy.

Why Is This Important?

The room and monitors are important because with an inaccurate listening environment, it is impossible to make good judgements about the sound. If a painter was wearing red-tinted sunglasses in a dimly lit room, they may find it difficult to accurately colour a painting. They will compensate for the ‘filters’ in the room.

Mastering is similar. If the room is bass heavy, or the speakers are too bright, the mastering engineer would be applying processing to the sound of the speakers in that room. In the above scenario, they would turn the bass and treble down. However, those problems may not be in the mix! It’s just the room ‘doing its thing. In this case, when the mix gets played elsewhere, the bass and treble would be too soft due to the mastering engineer turning it down unnecessarily.

IGS Tubecore V3 Mastering Compressor


  • Pro Tools HD
  • Wavelab
  • Grover Notting Code 101 Mastering Series Monitors
  • Genelec 1029a
  • AVID & Apogee Convertors


  • IGS Tubecore 3U (Vari-mu)
  • GEM Audio Preceptor T
  • Vintage Designs VDC
  • TK Audio BC-2 Mastering Edition
  • Neve 33609
  • Avalon 747
  • TC Electronic Reverb 4000


  • Waves Masters Bundle
  • Waves Restoration Bundle
  • BX Dyn Eq, Digital V2 & Control
  • Sonnox Restoration Bundle
  • UAD Plugins

Click here for a full list of Simon’s studio gear and plugins.