Simon Moro

Hear The Artist Above All Else
Hello and welcome. I’m guessing you have three questions:
Who have I worked with? What does my work sound like? What are my rates?
I have answers for you! See who I’ve worked with here. Listen to examples of my work here. And, get a sense of my rates here. In the meantime, you can learn a bit about my background and approach below.
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“Hear the artist above all else”
My 20 years of experience as a mix engineer and producer has shown me that not all artists feel comfortable communicating their vision – this causes the final product to stray too far from the heart of the artist.
My solution is a process that focuses on three principles: empathy, mindset, and precision.
By pouring energy into understanding the artist as a person and where they are speaking from with their music, I am able to help them cultivate a clear mindset and a fully realized vision, which is then engineered with the precision and expertise that I have garnered over my extensive career. The result is a final mix that speaks true to the artist’s vision and highlights their strongest attributes.
My unique ability to empathetically connect with an artist and understand their vision was born out of my training under Michael Brauer (Coldplay, The Kooks, Grizzly Bear) which taught me that capturing the essence of the artist is paramount to creating the best mix. The ability to nurture a clear mindset with an artist comes from my own experience with overcoming personal adversity, and learning that mindset is the foundation of all success.
The precision in my production and mixes is a product of my dedication to the art of mix engineering and the diversity of my clientele. Having worked with labels such as Sony and Mushroom, artists such as Anthony Callea and Allday, mixed and produced ARIA nominated albums, live albums, and television shows, I know that no project is too bold and ambitious, and no detail is too minute to matter.
My goal is to empower artists to achieve their vision. Having mixed many songs that have ranked top 10 on the triple j unearthed charts in recent years, the dream of helping an artist achieve their Hottest 100 dream is in sight. By using an empathy-based approach, prioritising the artist’s mindset above all else, and using precision that comes from years of experience, my mixing allows the artist to have their vision heard in the world.
I look forward to hearing from you.
S. M.
Simon is an absolute legend. He really goes the extra mile to understand you as an artist and where you've come from. It really helps him deliver exactly what you have in mind. I've found in the past with other producers then end product has often strayed away from my interpretation. That was never the case with Simon. I consider him a close friend now. To help me bring to life my Ep was a very emotional journey for me and I'm glad I went on it with him.
Chris Hoskin

Jack Runaway, The Voice
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