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The Importance of Mixing
Mixing is very important to the success of your song. A great mix can unlock energy and emotion in a recording. Conversely, an average mix can lose energy and trap emotion. Have you ever listened to a recording and thought “We sound better live?”. The mixing can play a big part in the translation from recording to playback.
In a world of truly incredible DIY, there’s one common thing that I notice: Indie home grown production & composition is very impressive, but impact is often lost during the mixing stage.
Watch the video and have a listen to the difference professional mixing can make to a recording. The before versions were mixed in home studios, and while they sound great, and are nicely balanced, there is quite a difference.
Keep in mind the difference you are hearing is from the mixing alone – each version was mixed from the same recording.
Mixing arguably affects the overall sound of a track more so than mastering. You can read more about the mastering process here.
The Process
The key to hitting targets is to have a plan and a process. I start by understanding your goals, assessing the recording & production, importing the files into my hybrid analog system, and then the fun begins!
Discuss your project
I start by asking about your project, existing production, and your end goals. When I have understood the outcome you want, and addressed any production concerns, we can move on.
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Provide tracks for mixing
When raw files are delivered in a neat and consistent way, I have more time to spend on the creative process. I provide details of how to prepare files for mixing. I can also assist with the process.
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Complete mix and revisions
Once the mix and revisions are complete, I prepare the assets for delivery. Then, you upload it to the world and slowly take over, right!?
Mixing Stages
  • Brief
    Discussing the mix
    The first step is learning about your goals, any production challenges that may affect the mix and listening to the rough mixes.
  • File Preparation
    Exporting your production
    Next, the files must be exported from the software used to record, and consolidated into linear files that will be used for mixing. Instructions will be provided. Simon's assistant is also available to help.
  • Mix Prep
    Preparing to mix
    The raw files are assessed, imported into Pro Tools, colour coded, labelled, gain-adjusted for analog mixing, and routed through hardware.
  • Mixing
    Let the fun begin
    Simon will now mix the song, based on the brief, and referencing the rough mix when applicable. A 'Mix Version 0' will be delivered using Trackbits, ready for your feedback.
  • Revisions
    Making changes
    Once you've had time to reflect on the mix, and make comments, Simon will make the changes. This is best done in realtime either live streamed, or, in person where suitable.
  • Asset Preparation
    The final files
    Once the mixes have been approved, Simon will prepare the assets. This typically includes a mix, and instrumental, lead vocal and backing vocal stems. Any combination of stems can be requested, but may incur a fee, as with analog mixing, every stem has to be exported in real-time, and it can take days for an album.
  • Asset Delivery
    Ready for download
    The last stage is uploading the final assets for delivery. You'll be provided with a client login to Simon's Trackbits account, where you'll be able to download your assets directly from the project.
Absolutely loved the new mix, we’re so happy with the overall vibe and feel. Simon took our original track that was recorded on a laptop and turned the home recorded song into a professionally sounding piece of work, while still staying true to the emotion and honesty in the original.
Tim Carroll

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