Mix With A Pro & Help Your Tracks Connect With Your Fans

Audio Mixing For Your Tracks

Mixing is very important to the success of your song. A great mix can unlock energy and emotion in a recording. Conversely, an average mix can lose energy and trap emotion. Have you ever listened to a recording and thought “We sound better live?”. The mixing can play a big part in the translation from recording to playback.

In a world of truly incredible DIY, there’s one common thing that I notice: Indie home grown production & composition is very impressive, but impact is often lost during the mixing stage.

Watch the video and have a listen to the difference professional mixing can make to a recording. The before versions were mixed in home studios, and while they sound great, and are nicely balanced, there is quite a difference.

Keep in mind the difference you are hearing is from the mixing alone – each version was mixed from the same recording.

Mixing arguably affects the overall sound of a track more so than mastering. You can read more about the mastering process here.

Simon will consider spec mixing for labels and projects that interest him.

I've worked with Simon Moro on many occasions… his production/engineering skills are world-class and I'd recommend him to anyone in the entertainment industry.
Brett Garsed

Guitarist for John Farnham
Simon’s mix absolutely took Hi Goodbye to a new level! My first reaction on hearing the mix was very strong. I loved the way he brought out all of the elements whilst still keeping the ‘vibe’ that I wanted.
Frank Dixon

Young Australian Songwriter of the Year