Recording Studios, Melbourne

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Simon Moro’s Studio
For mixing projects, Simon works out of his private facility. Purpose-built for mixing with a modern, hybrid approach.
The studio is based around a Pro Tools Ultimate system, with an SSL Sigma for analog summing, and a 48 Channel Avid D-Control for analog workflow.
A lover of analog gear, his collection includes modern classics like Distressors and a Lexicon PCM96 Surround, and rare, vintage pieces including an EMT 140 Plate Reverb and a Yamaha Rev 1, gritty, 80s digital reverb.
You can check out the full collection here.
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Allan Eaton Studio
Simon Moro works out of the main recording studio at Allan Eaton Studio P/L, in St Kilda. This recording studio features a rich heritage and has been used for many award-winning records and film scores over the past 4 decades.
The live space is large enough to accommodate a 60+ piece orchestra, with a separate drum room and isolation booths for amps, so you can feel comfortable within the space.
A kitchen, pool table, and ping pong table are available, as well as production offices should they be required during a session.
The recording studio includes ample off-street parking, free WiFi and is close to several cafes and bars.
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Sing Sing South
Simon also works out of Sing Sing South. Sing Sing has two recording studios in the building, with different tonal flavors, covering lots of genres.
The large room has isolation booths for amps, vocals, and a tighter sound. This space is attached to a control room with two Neve consoles for that classic, warm sound.
The second studio is based around an SSL console, with a smaller tracking space. Great for small ensembles, overdubs, and vocal recording.
Both rooms have pianos, and the building is full of guitars, basses, amps and keyboards.
The Process
I choose studios based on the requirements of the project. With Allan Eaton Studio and both rooms at Sing Sing South, we have a lot of sounds covered!
Determine Requirements
Each project requires a specific sound, and other functional requirements. Sometimes we’re just recording vocals, other times, a symphony orchestra. The studio will be selected based on the size of the ensemble, and the tone we’re going for.
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Book The Studio
Once we know which studio or combination of studios we’re using for your project, it’s time to make the bookings!
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Recording Sessions
Depending on which studio we use, I like to have the setup completed before the recording day. Regardless, I’ll be in early getting lines set up, and sessions ready in Pro Tools.
Simon is an absolute legend. He really goes the extra mile to understand you as an artist and where you've come from. It really helps him deliver exactly what you have in mind. I've found in the past with other producers then end product has often strayed away from my interpretation. That was never the case with Simon. I consider him a close friend now. To help me bring to life my Ep was a very emotional journey for me and I'm glad I went on it with him.
Chris Hoskin

Jack Runaway, The Voice
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