Rates? It’s a little more complex…
The most helpful question to ask is more like, “how much will it cost me to achieve my goal?”
Some services are easier to provide a rate for. These include:
  • Studio Hire
  • Mixing
  • Session Musicians
  • Arranging
For production, the scope of work will be different from project to project. Some projects require more pre-production, work on the composition and arrangement, programming, session players, while others are a rehearsal or two away from heading in to record.
While Simon is unable to provide an estimate for your project without learning about it, there are some case-study ranges below.
Simon is experienced in managing budgets in excess of $100k+ to smaller, $1000 indie projects.
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Mixing price break down

Mixing brief, file preparation, and importing into Simon’s hybrid system.
Final assets include the Mix and Instrumental, Acapella & Backing Vocal stems.
Includes 1-2 revisions, which is typically enough to make the track perfect!
per song
Simon’s Studio
Studio hire per track, typically 1 day including setup, mix, revisions, and asset preparation.
per day
For additional revisions and extra stems, there is an hourly rate inc. studio hire.
Most artists are super happy with the results with 0-2 revisions!
per hour
So what’s it going to cost? 99% of the time, $1098 all in per song.
Reduced rates may apply to multiple songs, or, in some cases, the recorded material/complexity.
average cost
Prices are excluding GST. GST applies to Australian clients only.
Simon is an absolute legend. He really goes the extra mile to understand you as an artist and where you've come from. It really helps him deliver exactly what you have in mind. I've found in the past with other producers then end product has often strayed away from my interpretation. That was never the case with Simon. I consider him a close friend now. To help me bring to life my Ep was a very emotional journey for me and I'm glad I went on it with him.
Chris Hoskin

Jack Runaway, The Voice

Production pricing examples

These estimate ranges are all-inclusive of project management, production, engineers, session musicians, studio hire, mixing, asset delivery. They are guides only. Your projects may cost more or less depending on the scope.
This service delivers a hi-end production of a single, with time to develop the song, work on the sounds, and includes the cost of studios, engineering, and mixing.
When working on one song, the price per song is greater. One of the reasons is that studios and session musicians have minimum booking times. We could record 3-4 songs in the same timeframe. The studio and musician cost for 1 song is similar to 3-4 songs.
estimate only
Think of this as a bundle of hi-end singles, in which you get to take advantage of economies of scale.
estimate only
Albums are similar to EPs in terms of cost per song. One thing to consider with albums is that we may need to demo twice as many songs as the record, to pick the strongest ones.
estimate only
These demos are the equivalent of some people’s “radio-ready releases”. The difference between a demo and the other examples listed is we may use programmed sounds instead of session players, record in project studios instead of a hi-end facility, and have a digital mix, instead or analog.
per song
The Process
I believe it’s critical to invest wisely in your music career. When approached by new and existing clients, I want to help deliver the best solution by considering where they are in their careers and return on investment.
Discuss your project
I want to learn about your experience to date, past releases, and end goals. By understanding these things, I can help by suggesting the most valuable way to invest your money, while factoring in your career goals.
For example, it may be strategically better to produce 4 songs to a very high level, than splitting the time and costs across 10 songs. From a career point of view, having a killer EP is better than an average album.
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Make recommendations
After hearing about your project and experience so far, I can consider if your original plan can provide the most value to your career. I may make some suggestions of different approaches if I think there may be a better way to invest in your project.
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Next steps
Once you decide how you wish to proceed, we go into more detail. At this point, we get into the nitty-gritty of the project, and I can put together a scope of work, and estimate the costs.
Simon consistently produces great work, he has all bases covered including production, engineering and musical arranging. Plus a sound knowledge of the technical side of things. He’s also a great guy and a pleasure to work with!
Martin Pullan

Mastering Engineer – Deep Purple, Joe Cocker, Jimmy Barnes
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