DIY vs. Professional Mixing

1st July, 2021
by Simon Moro
Thinking of Hiring A Professional Mixer?

So you’ve got all the plugins, some nice studio monitors and the time. Mixing is an exciting part of the process. It’s actually my favourite part too! So, why might it be worth considering outsourcing the mix to a pro?

One of the most important things to understand is that not all ‘pros’ are created equal. I would actually bet that you could quite likely finish a mix that is on par or better than a mid-level pro. All-rounders working in project studios charging ~$250-400 a day, or mixers charging around $350 a mix, are probably going to get a similar result to you. Maybe their kick drum is punchier, maybe the vocals have more presence – but most likely, they’ll be focussed on ‘sound’ and your mix will focus on feeling. You mix will likely feel better!

If you’ve got some production experience, and a budget around $200-400, I’d suggest you keep it DIY, unless you don’t want to mix it.

When engineers specialise in mixing, there is a completely different approach, skill-set, experience, and most often, a purpose-built mixing facility. When I trained with Michael Brauer, my ‘mix’ world was flipped on its head. What I learn from him was not available in the public domain. It was not taught at uni – I know this because at the time I’d been teaching at RMIT for 10 years. We didn’t know this stuff. It wasn’t in the textbooks. It was exciting and from that moment, I wanted to specialse in mixing.

When you work with a pro, you should be surprised at how good you sound! You should feel proud and excited about the finished result. Our job is to glorify your art, making it larger than life and increasing the connection your music has with the listener.

So how much does this cost?

I typically charge $1000 plus GST for a mix, which includes a revision or two (that’s usually all we’d need to get it spot on), and Instrumental, Vocal and Backing vocal stems. The rate can change if editing, tuning, additional production is required, or, revisions that are out of scope. This fee also includes studio hire.

If you’d like to discuss mixing for your project, please get in touch! I look forward to hearing your music and helping you feel proud and excited to share your music with the world.

Your audience is unable to imagine the potential of your music – they just hear what you release. Here are some examples of my unmastered mixes, vs some DIY and mid-level mixers. I used the exact same files. and the difference if a result of my experience, choices, and gear.

Listen To Comparisons
Watch A Mix In Realtime
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