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Online Mastering

Online Mastering can mean one of two things: Having your tracks mastered by an automated computer algorithm, or, having your tracks mastered remotely by a professional mastering engineer.

Simon offers the latter, professionally mastered tracks through analog hardware. You can still upload your tracks for online mastering, and download the final masters in multiple formats: .WAV, .WAV for Vinyl, Mastered For iTunes and DDP for CD. Turn around for online mastering is still fast – not as fast as a computer, but certainly with more soul!

Simon’s online mastering follows the same process as his standard audio mastering, and you get the same client treatment as all other artists and labels. This means you get to provide a brief, reference materials and even chat over Skype if you have specific questions or concerns.

Click here to learn more about the mastering process.

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Simon’s online mastering sessions include a free mix review so you can fix things in the mix before mastering.

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